Production Update 107

Back on schedule with a new production update for the week! I was able to get re-familiarized with the project files and make some edits to a couple shots, it seems like forever since I touched the files while I was prepping for AnimeFargo. After that I worked on a few other shots and made some good progress from my time at artist alley and this week.

On top of that, I also tweaked some artwork for the Cosmic Rage Youtube page, set up a Tumblr page, and also got my deviant art account up to date as well. I am aiming to do a better job at keeping all of these accounts current and posted as well as this blog here. I found a wider range of audiences while at AnimeFargo using different platforms, so I figured I would try to accommodate and see where the viewers are at.

Since it has been a while, I thought I would also share some production art for one of the shots I am working on as well.



I have already learned so much after working on episode one that I want to carry into episode two. I am really excited to get back into the project and with the weather starting to turn here, I would guess I am going to get a lot of time on it 😀 I only have one more week of gardening left before we have to pull everything out. Later this week, I have a new review up! One for a show that just finished streaming 😉


A Glimpse into the Universe of Cosmic Rage

The day that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. A glimpse into what the universe of Cosmic Rage.

Episode 1 is currently in production, stay tuned for more production updates and don’t forget to share with your friends!

Super Secret Project #1

If we look back about a month ago, maybe a little longer, you can see a pretty sizable gap in posts on the site. Over the new couple months I think it’d be fun to roll out a series of postings that I want to call “Super Secret” projects for a couple reasons; 1) because it helps explain why sometimes I don’t get as much stuff done as I try to 2) because I am an artist so I like to share my work and 3) because “Super Secret” sounds cool and this is probably the closest thing I will have to something being the mythical G14 classified.

The time I was gone I was working on location in Las Vegas with the Lingerie Football League LFL on their broadcast package. Our goal was to create an updated look on all new assets; lower thirds, bumpers, etc. for the launch of the LFL Canada League.

I had a great time working on the project, and I had a great time working with the LFL team, brand and package. Check out the video here and see some of the work. The video is edited from one game, the package has interchangeable pieces for more teams that aren’t shown. Enjoy 🙂