Recent Viewing: The Chaser

This is going to be my first review of a live action movie, but a few years ago I saw the film The Chaser on IFC. I recently decided to give it another watch on Netflix. The Chaser is a film from South Korea released in 2008. It is director Na Hong-jin’s directorial debut and is inspired by true events. For more information on the film and crimes you can venture down the wikipedia hole. ┬áHowever, I strongly suggest watching the film prior to that. So let’s dive into the film.

Synopsis- Joong-ho is a former cop turned pimp and at the start of the film he is having trouble finding a woman to go to a clients. It seems he is having issues with girls running away after paying them up front. Joong-Ho is forced to contact Mi-jin, a single mother who currently is suffering from a fever. After a brief discussion, he convinces Mi-jin to accept the job. Joong-Ho gives her specific directions of what to do, because the client, Yeong-min is suspected of taking his girls and selling them. Joong-ho only knows his client by the last 4 numbers of his cell phone number, 4885. Once in the house, Mi-jin starts to execute the plan only to make a startling discovery. Mi-jin is unable to execute the plan and it is up to Joong-ho to do what he can to save her.

Joong-Ho must now rely on underhanded tactics to try to track down client 4885 (Yeong-min) and prove to the cops that he is selling his girls. A thrilling series of events unfolds and a race against the clock ensues. Check out the trailer below to see more.


Review- The Chaser is one of the first Korean films I can recall watching several years ago and I must say that it is better than I remember it being. The film was inspired by true events, and the gritty feel of the film gives you a glimpse of how gruesome the events were. In American cinema it is some kind of ratio between the movie 7 and the Saw films. There are a few scenes that are a little bloody but if your immune to fake cinema blood then you should be fine.

There are several unique shots in the film and you actually see a couple of them in the trailer. The story is well paced and doesn’t feel slow at any moments. While it’s not all non-stop action, there doesn’t seem to be any filler to make it a longer film. I anticipate that some people may not like the ending of the film. Personally, I didn’t see a problem with it and if you research the real life events briefly, you can see why the film was made the way it was. If your a fan of checking out new types of films, I really suggest The Chaser.

Dub- I watched the subbed version on Netflix.