Introducing Katy Johnson

Katy_headshotWhere are you from?
Why do you want to be a voice actor?
I have always loved acting!  I have been doing live theater since middle school.  I also love cartoons/video games/anime, so getting to work behind the scenes on something that has brought me so much joy would be an honor.
Who is your favorite Voice Actor?
I could probably make a list a mile long of all of the Voice Actors that I love, but if I had to narrow it down…  For male, I’d go with Steve Blum and for Female I’d go with Tara Strong.
Who is your favorite Anime/Game/Cartoon character?
Anime:  Rock Lee from Naruto
Game:  Kirby
Cartoon:  Currently every Steven Universe character
If you could voice any character, who would it be?
That’s easy.  HARLEY QUINN PUDDIN’!!
What drew you to audition for Cosmic Rage?
I saw the auditions, and saw there were female roles available.  It looked fun, and I was looking to become a part of more projects, so thus I auditioned!
Where can fans follow you at or find more of your work?
You can follow me onTwitter:
Cosplay page:  KaniDay Cosplay
Acting page:  Katy Johnson
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