Production Update 77

This year is starting off with some good progress being made towards episode one. I am very excited to be sharing more production art with you all. Below are a couple screenshots of the progress I made this past week.

starting crowdThis was the first screenshot I took when I was first starting in this scene. I was generating a crowd for the shot and began by duplicating a couple members in the crowd so I could get the proportions and scaling correct. I would later go back in and footage replace the crowd members with different ones so there would be more than 2 types of characters.

Fenix titleThis is what a draft of the final shot looks like. I am quite happy with the results and how the 3D modeling of the environments is working out so far. I have more background renders down for more shots and I am setting another one up tonight. However, I am looking for some music from a rock band to include some of these shots so I am currently looking for some artists that are willing to contribute a track or two to the project. I need to create some animations to go with some audio so that is why I need to wait for the tracks before starting those shots.

The first part of the week I have a render going for another scene. After that I will work to set up another and start compositing. I also need to do some research on possible musicians and may work on some other things this week as well. Looking forward to another great and productive week.