Production Update 137: Audition Information on the Way

Worked on a bit of freelance work this week. All income from these projects go towards Cosmic Rage production and promotion during the con season. So with that in mind, let’s dive into Cosmic Rage work!

This week (outside of the freelance work), I was able to wrap up the scene building and light compositing work. So what does that mean? Well, in the current scene I am working on, it features Zeth and Fenix fighting. These scenes require me to build the audiences for the shots. With building the audience, I need to layer the artwork so the crowd fits behind the ring and other objects (compositing). I will get more into this type of work in a behind-the-scenes post.

I am ready to begin animating these shots hopefully this week. However, before I get to that, I need to wrap up audition packets for potential voice actors. I have a character map left to build and then I can start promoting auditions, which should be later this week. I want to have a few people look over them and make sure all of the information I have would be things the talent would need before auditioning. So look for those and more information regarding the voice acting auditions later this week!

Production Update 88

It’s a late post up time, but I hope it is worth the wait for everyone! This last week I had a really productive few days of working on Cosmic Rage. I completed 4 shots and have started prepping another 3 shots for this week. I was hoping to get to them over the weekend but I forgot my laptop cord at home when I visited my parents so I was unplugged all weekend, which is a good thing, it was a nice weekend and I got a chance to get outside and enjoy the weather.

I do owe everyone some production art so here it is!


There have been a few moving parts to Zeth’s intro for the first episode so it was easier to do all of the shots together. The next three are all before the battle begins. If everything goes according to plan, I should get a chance to work on those shots Tuesday night and hopefully start working on a new area.

I am really excited about the amount of progress that was made, and really hoping I can keep things moving along. Thanks for checking out the update!