Outside of Cosmic Rage

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have blogged, but I have been super busy at work and also did some traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday. I wanted to sneak a production update in when I got back home on Monday, but it was late and I needed to catch up on some sleep 🙂

I thought I would take today to write about some of the work I have been doing outside of Cosmic Rage and how some of my learning in other areas is progressing. First off, I have ben continuing to dabble in html and css. It has been going pretty well. I am currently working on a test project and I am very fortunate to have a co-worker take time to explain things and go over my code. It has been a fun process so far and looking forward to learning more in 2015.

Another area I am looking to improve on is my 3D work. You can never know enough, and I am looking at expanding into more areas and increasing my efficiency in other areas. Currently I am going through a series of tutorials and seeing how other people work. I learn so much from watching others animate. Excited to wrap up the series, as I am currently one third of the way through them now.

Outside of the previously mentioned projects, I enrolled in a 6 week course for After Effects. While I consider myself very strong in After Effects, I have recently been revisiting some fundamentals and that is the focus of this course. Once you think you know everything, you don’t leave yourself open to to learning from others. As I stated above, I enjoy watching people work and seeing ways that others use the programs I use. I will be starting the course next week.

I have been trying to break things into 3 or 4 month chunks and doing sprints of learning new things. These will be my main areas of focus over the winter months since it will be too cold to garden 🙁 I will be setting up y current render tonight as well. I will be back Monday with a new production update and also some new art, you deserve it!

Production Update 95

Update time, let’s get to it. A lot of behind the scenes work going on for this week. I have been working on setting up some exterior/city shots to render over next week since I will be on vacation and I plan on unplugging for several days. I have one scene set up done, including test renders. The second shot will be less in terms of render time and I am hoping to finalize things tomorrow night. That leaves Tuesday and Wednesday and some car time to get the third and final exterior shot I want done to get prepped for render.

I am pretty excited to set up the third scene for rendering. Once I get the exterior shots rendered out I should be able to composite them when I get back and get them sent off for sound. I was also able to prep the next batch of fight scenes for when I get back as well.

Other than that I have wrapped up my javascript lessons for coding and looking to put my developing skills to the test over the summer. Since I have wrapped those lessons up, I have decided to dig more into 3D modeling over the summer as my new subject of learning.