Time Flies!

Whoa it’s been almost a month since I have been on here, writing updates and sharing the current state of my project Cosmic Rage.

It’s been a very exciting time and there has been a ton of things going on since I last blogged. I don’t like taking long breaks from the blog but there was just a lot of life event going on and Cosmic Rage was put on hold for a bit to get things sorted out. So let’s back track a bit and get all of our bases covered!

I was at Anime Fargo last month and really enjoyed the con. I had a great time talking with new people and seeing some familiar faces. I have been to Anime Fargo each of the last 3 years, which is how long the con has been running. It is always a good time to chat and catch up with people there. I met some awesome people in the Pokemon party room that were kind enough to share info about the local nests. In between events I was able to get to a nearby park that was actually a Bulbasaur nest!

After Anime Fargo, I spent the time finishing up packing for the move before I left to go on a family vacation. When I am on vacation, I really like to unplug so I try not to use social media since I am typically online for over half the day anyways. It’s a nice time to relax and enjoy nature. I did my first (and only so far) inktober piece on vacation as well. I was inspired by the ocean and the nearby Pokemon gyms so I drew up a Lapras.


Once we were back from vacation, it was time for the move. We spent all weekend moving things from our apartment to our new house. Plus, we had to remove our community garden too. Talk about a relaxing weekend right? Yesterday the internet was hooked up so I could get back online after work and get updates posted and get back into the swing of things.

So what is on deck for the upcoming week? Well, my e-book revisions are in. So I need to sit down this weekend and get those knocked out. Ideally I would like to get the book into the store over the weekend too. But I am not 100% sure how that process works since this is my first e-book. The other task at hand, I need to get my desk put back into place and get it ready to go. Things are moved into rooms, now it is just a matter of unpacking and putting things in order.

I am ready to get back into Episode 2!

Pokemon GO Update #2

Pokemon GO has now been out for two months. There has been a lot of changes in the past couple months, we have seen a drop in users, the buddy system recently added and nest changes as well!

This past month has been pretty crazy and really eventful so the game has been a nice break from everything going on. I have been hanging out with friends and we have had some great conversations and even got some thoughts on my Youtube channel and some thing that I want to do in the future with Cosmic Rage. The game has been great to get out and talk creatively with some people and gather their thoughts and hear another perspective. More on this coming after the move!

gyarados gyms-held rhydon buddy-system tentacruel

My pokedex is currently at 108. Here are a few of my more notable catches and evolutions over the last month. I finally captured enough Magikarps to evolve into my Gyarados. I also hatched another Rhyhorn so I finally could get my Rhydon as well. I have a lot of mid-tier Pokemon that I need a few more candies to evolve and some that I am holding out for a higher appraised Pokemon to evolve.

For the buddy system, I am rolling out with Charmander. I haven’t caught one and I think I have only hatched 2, so I need to start farming candies for him so I can get to Charizard!

It is pretty surprising how the gyms scene is playing out around here. There are definitely starting to be areas that are forming and of course the contested areas that are always under siege. I did have my best day collecting coins on the game front last weekend where I was able to claim 8 in a morning gym run.

Overall I am now at level 27 and counting!

Production Update 185: Post-AnimeFest

It’s been a week since AnimeFest wrapped up and I had an amazing time at the convention. AnimeFest felt like a completely different convention and I mean that in a great way. The con felt like it was an artist based con. I went to panels that ranged from figure photography, digital painting, 3D modeling and indy comics. This was outside of my panel and screening of Cosmic Rage. I met some very talented artists and I feel that AnimeFest is going to be a convention that I hit up every year regardless if I have a screening or not of Cosmic Rage. I really can’t say enough good things about AnimeFest, just an absolute great time. The environment of downtown Dallas was fantastic as well, so much artwork and a great place to go Pokemon hunting too.

There were a couple panels at AnimeFest that had Japanese animators doing some live drawing while answering questions that I found really entertaining. There was a round of “hot potato” drawing in which all of the artists would work on a drawing and a moderator would tell the artists to switch drawings. The results were hilarious. I even got to meet Erica Mendez, the voice actress for Ryuko from Kill La Kill. If you are looking for a new con to hit up in 2017, give AnimeFest a look.

Back into production items! My e-book is still at the editor getting combed through for consistency and type. I had a couple art revisions to make as well. I am aiming for this weekend to go through the process of actually getting it into the iBooks store. That is my fault on the hold up, I noticed some art issues that I was late getting to.

I am also going to be looking into Steam. One of the AnimeFest attendees that came to my Cosmic Rage screening suggested that I look into that and it is something I overlooked since I don’t use Steam. I will have to keep you all posted on this front since I am not sure of their platform and submission process.

This week I didn’t get much done in terms of production. I had to catch up on some work the week I got back from AnimeFest and I have also been working on a couple freelance projects. One freelance project will go to helping cover some of the VO costs for the second episode. The other freelance project will support some new equipment on the technical front. More on this soon 🙂

This week I am aiming to take another look at the second episode script and double check it for consistency and make sure it is looking good before I start diving into storyboards.

Thanks for stopping by! Hoping to have another review up again later this week and getting back on track posting clips to Facebook and Instagram.

Pokemon GO… One Month Later

It’s a Friday evening. There are two young kid hunkered down in a dark basement with nothing but the glow of a worm light and a dim lamp next to them. The lamp casts a soft glow on a Nintendo walk-through magazine. The two kids are having a conversation about how cool it would be if this game was real. Of course, that game was Pokemon and this was my early teenage years.


Pokemon GO isn’t real life, obviously the Pokemon only exist on your phone. But as of now, this is the closest thing we get to actually existing in that world. I’m not going to get into the actual game because you know all about it at this point and if you play the game, you are aware of the issues with the tracker, the servers and what not. Instead, I want to talk about how in one month, this game has changed my life.

The last year has been pretty intense. Finishing up the first episode of Cosmic Rage, going back to school, getting engaged, freelance work but I live by the motto “Work hard, Play hard”. With several of these things wrapping up, I decided to really dive into the game.

Clearly the game has gotten me out walking, which I enjoyed doing before but the game really kind of prompts me to do it instead of talking about it. Hiking was always something I did after my work was done but given the above list, it was never done, so my hiking trips always got pushed to “next weekend”. I knew I wasn’t getting there, but I told myself that.

With some of the server issues, I found myself playing more at morning and night with only a couple minor walks throughout the day. Mostly a mid morning jaunt around the neighborhood or maybe a few steps over lunch to hatch some eggs.

So let’s start with mornings. I’ve never been much of a morning person. I would snooze my alarm clock until the last minute, grab a red bull on my way out the door and be off to work. Now I find myself leaving for work a half hour early so I can get down by the river and start plugging away on catching Magikarps.

I mentioned the quick walks during the work day, mid morning and sometimes over lunch. These provide me with nice breaks to get away from the computer and get some fresh air, exercise and some steps toward hatching my eggs. It also is a nice way to step away from a project and switch gears for a bit. Plus it is great to have something non-work related to discuss in the office in the morning.

Most importantly though, I’ve been playing at night too. It is an absolute blast exploring the downtown scene at night and seeing all of the other players. I’ve met some cool people and have helped take gyms down, Team Instinct for life!


So this all sounds great right? But I wanted to share some of the pros or cons from this so far. In the last month, I have logged about 75 miles of walking or 121 kilometers from the game. I have caught almost 1500 Pokemon. Besides this though, I have become more of a morning person. I get up earlier and more importantly, I use the game as an excuse to exercise more, where before I was treating exercise as more of something I didn’t get too. In this same aspect, I have hung out with more of my friends, all of whom use the game as the same excuse. It feels great to connect with them after being away for so long working on my various projects. I’ve slimmed down a little bit in the last month too and generally feel a lot better, I no longer loathe mornings. But the biggest benefit of my playing regiment is that I no longer have my regular migraines. I am not sure if it is because I am spending less time in front of the computer or if it is that I am spending less time in front of the computer at night, but either way, it has made me feel more productive and focused.

I would love to hear your stories about how Pokemon GO has affected you!

Keep at it my fellow trainers!