BIG Announcement: Debut Screening Announced!

Cosmic Rage Siouxper Con Promo
Remember last week when I said I had some things going on behind-the-scenes? Well here part of it is. A DEBUT screening of Cosmic Rage is going to be held at a debut con, Siouxper Con, in my home state of South Dakota.

I can’t really put into words how excited I am to get to debut Cosmic Rage in South Dakota. Many people here know of the project and have supported it. However, there wasn’t a great avenue to get it debuted to anime and comic minded fans. Enter Siouxper Con and their amazing staff for allowing me to debut my work in South Dakota.

Following the screening, I will being a Q/A with those in attendance about the production of the project and also what the future holds for Cosmic Rage. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Again, a big THANK YOU to the South Dakota Arts Council for supporting Cosmic Rage. An exciting 2016 starts now!

Production Update 10

Wow, what a week! I ended last week with the start of a cold, probably a result of the annual temperature change of the midwest. I basically slept for 2 days to fend off the sickness so I didn’t get too much stuff done at the start of the week. However, after sleeping for almost 2 days, I started to feel better and didn’t sleep that much so I was able to get a lot of artwork done this week.

Starting with the scene from the trailer I was working on last week, I continued to tweak a few render settings and set up a pretty big render for my laptop. It finished and now I am rendering out some other elements for the shot. I am hoping to get the shot done this week, but we will see if that happens. *fingers crossed!

The majority of the weeks work was done on the scene that I finished drawing a week or so ago. This week I was able to ink all of the drawings, lay base colors and also add shading and highlights to the ENTIRE scene. So that means we have officially begun production on the last scene in terms of drawing by completing the first shot of the extended scene.

I have also begun rehearsing and tweaking my SGMS presentation for this weekend as well. Really looking forward to this presentation, I think it will create an environment for a great discussion.

Finally, this week I will be unveiling a piece of one of the freelance projects I have been working on. I was able to cut a small video montage of it to showcase and share. Look forward for more to come this week, and of course another entry of my Japan adventure! Stay Tuned! 😀