Production Update 75

Here is it… The final production update of 2013. I have a little bit more of a retrospective of the year planned for later this week, but today is the usual in terms of going over things that were completed this week and what is on deck for the week.

This week I was able to get through some of the character base colors for the scene I am working on. I am about half done with this step. I am layering the characters colors in ways that will make for easy updates to create more characters, so it is coloring areas that can be changed in one quick step which means all colored areas need to be planned out.

While I didn’t get much done on Cosmic Rage this week, I did make some great progress on a couple loose ends that I look forward to sharing with you. I also had some hours to log in for work this weekend since it is the end of the sports season, which is no big deal. The other project was finishing up some art assets on a game I am working on with a friend. The game was shelved for a while but we have been able to get back at it and we should be launching in early January for iOS. You can bet it will get a post all to itself when it ships.

I have a little bit of work to do on the freelance front and also on the game but I am hoping to get them both knocked out tomorrow night. I also have Wednesday off this week for the New Year and I will be back at coloring the characters so I can wrap up this phase and get onto animating again! I am also planning a little special post for Thursday for some of the newer followers and even some stuff that goes beyond that.

Production Update 12

Time for your weekly production update involving the Cosmic Rage universe. First off, I have a bit of news that started last week and got lost a little in the shuffle with the lead up and recap of the SGMS conference (which I can’t believe it’s already been a week)! Anyways, the news is I am going to be working in studio for the next few months on Monday and Tuesdays for the most part. Which means I will have more freelance work to show off once it gets completed. On that note, I am really excited for the opportunity to create the work I will be creating and also working with a new group of creatives and seeing how they work!

As for Cosmic Rage, the week started off kinda hectic and busy but I have put together a couple of strong days to close out a pretty productive week. First off, I got a test render done for the next scene of the trailer. I haven’t had a chance yet to look at it and see how it turned out, that will be reserved for about mid week once I finish up studio work this week.

I did get several drawings done for the final scene of the motion comic. I finished up 4 today alone, which bodes well for getting them done by the end of November like my self imposed deadline dictates. I should get a counter going to give everyone a running countdown.

As for other projects, I had a bit of reworking to do on the second of the “super secret” projects. I will have a bit of work on that this week as well as I look to get the first stage of it wrapped up. The project is getting closer and I don’t think I have been so excited to get something done as I have been with this project.

Also on the “other” project list, is a new website. As some of you know I have been wanting to design a website for a while and this week marks the beginning of really clamping down for a few days, digging in and getting a solid start on it. In some time, that site will go live, the domain will get revised and the blog may move to that site as well. Thats jumping the gun quite a bit but just informing everyone of some of the future expansions that will occur in regards to Cosmic Rage. 🙂 Be sure to check back later this week for an updated Japan post!